Results 2019 Spring Marblehead Regatta

History was made on April 13, 2019 as member Dirk Brewer made a clean sweep of all 12 heats! We all knew that Dirk would be the winner but even he expressed surprise – stating that this was the the first time that he had accomplished this.

Wind conditions were light and variable with enough velocity to keep the boats moving.

The scoring, based on two throwouts each, was:

Dirk Brewer 10 points

Rob Shaw 22 points

Don Lucas 26 points

Al Wendler 41 points

Kirk Welker 42 points

After the close 4th place finish, Al decided to buy Kirk’s boat and turn his old “slug” into a club boat which will be stored in Jerry Muridge’s garage. Kirk said that he only sailed his boat about twice a year so was happy to part with it.

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