Results 2017 36/600 Spring Regatta

Results April 15, 2017

We had a nice turnout for MMYC’s 36/600 Spring Regatta.  The winds were calm in the morning but picked up in the afternoon to moderate winds.  It was very competitive racing for first place.  Dennis Desprois won by four point and Rob Shaw and Jerry Murridge fought it out for a close second place.  Rob pulled out ahead of Jerry in the last three races by scoring a first and two seconds.  Jerry’s throw-outs were a fourth place and a third place.  Dennis scored 5 bullets, Rob had 4 bullets, Jerry had 2 and Dirk Brewer had one.

Thanks again to everone for helping set up the course and taking the course down.  We’ll continue racing for fun during the summer.  Hope to see you at the pond.

The top five sailors were:

  • Dennis Desprois     First place with 19 points
  • Rob Shaw                 Second place with 23 points
  • Jerry Murridge        Third place with 24 points
  • Dirk Brewer             Fourth place with 31 points
  • Don Lucas                 Fifth place with 35 point

Submitted by Rob Shaw, 36/600 race director


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